intelligent arc protection device

The action time of KCFB-306 arc busbar protection device is 5-7ms, much faster than the traditional busbar protection, and the short-circuit fault removal time in the switchgear can be controlled within 100ms. Therefore, this protection system can minimise the fault loss and create conditions for quick handling of accidents and restoration of power supply.

Product Features
★Adopting high-performance 32-bit high-speed DSP microcontroller digital signal processing controller as the main control unit.
★Adopting the principle of double judgement of arc light and fault current, the action is reliable and fast, 5-7ms action time, which greatly reduces the degree of damage to the switchgear in the accident.
★Continuous system self-test, when the arc light sensor breaks the wire and other faults, can issue an alarm signal.
★Fault point location, the control part can display the location of the arc light generation point, which is convenient for quickly handling the fault and restoring power supply.
★Adopting full AC digital sampling, sampling, rectification without adjustable components, completely eliminating the impact of zero drift of the hardware circuit. Adopting software digital filtering, high-speed floating-point operation, greatly improving the measurement accuracy. Channel error is less than ±1%.
★The device has a perfect self-test function; level Watchdog and power supply monitoring function, to ensure the reliable operation of the device.
★Display module man-machine interface friendly, all interfaces and menus are displayed in Chinese, easy to operate; all measured and parameters can be displayed in real time through the display module.
★Adopt AS485 communication port, support the international popular MODBUS communication protocol, realise the uploading and sending of information.
★All key data (system parameters, etc.) can be saved for more than ten years in case of power loss.
★Complete accident record and self-test function, friendly man-machine interface.
★Zero sequence channel can be synthetic or external zero sequence CT.
★The device adopts fully sealed embedded structure, software and hardware redundancy design, perfect software and hardware self-test, strong anti-interference performance. ★ Relay output definition is flexible, according to user requirements to provide a variety of protection action logic.
KCFB-306 arc light protection system consists of main control unit, arc light expansion unit, current unit, arc light sensor.


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