motor protection measurement and control device

Technical Parameters Motor rated working voltage: AC380V, AC660V Control power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz 15VA/15W Rated current: 0.5~800A Rated working frequency: 50Hz Insulation resistance: 100MQ/500V Protection level: controller body IP20; display module IP45 Power supply voltage: AC/DC85-265V Frequency: 38Hz- 70Hz Power Consumption: ≤1.5W during normal operation, ≤2.0W during protection start-up.

It is easy to use, simple to operate, Chinese LCD interface, all electrical parameter information and settings can be read and changed through the function keys on the panel.
All electric parameter information and settings can be read and changed through the function keys on the panel.
 Functions are highly integrated, integrating protection, star measurement, monitoring, control, communication and other functions.
 International universal input power module, compatible with 85~265V AC or DC working power supply, reducing the requirement of working power supply.
 The “tE time protection” is in line with GB3636.3-2000, the thermal overload protection standard for explosion-proof motors with increased safety.

 The overload “time-current characteristic” conforms to GB/T14048.4-2003 standard, and adds more release levels to meet the requirements of heavy load start-up.
The overload “Time-Current Characteristics” meets GB/T14048.4-2003 standard.
 Temperature protection: more direct monitoring of motor heating, in line with GB/T14048.X-200X.
 High-performance mixed-signal microprocessor as the core, with high-speed computing and real-time signal processing capabilities, easily complete the protection algorithm.
The microprocessor bus does not come out of the chip, the reliability and anti-interference ability of the system is greatly improved and enhanced; adopting the AC sampling, its real-time performance is not bad.
With AC sampling, its real-time and accuracy are much higher than other methods.
 supports Modbus protocol and Profibus–DP protocol, which can be directly connected to the original DCS system, and the maximum rate can be up to 12M.
 The products have been carefully designed and strictly tested for electromagnetic compatibility in terms of anti-vibration and anti-interference to ensure the safe operation of the device
and anti-misalignment.
 High-speed acquisition of current and voltage input signal data from the access device, with high measurement accuracy. Measurement contents include: phase current, phase voltage, line voltage, frequency, phase current and voltage.
voltage, line voltage, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, integral degree of power and pulse degree, etc. The measuring current range is wide, and the primary current can be omitted.
Wide range of currents can be measured, omitting the cost of primary transformer; the measurement accuracy of various electric and non-electric signals can be adjusted by the channel correction factor, without adjusting the hardware.
The accuracy of the measurement of various electrical and non-electrical signals can be adjusted by channel calibration coefficients without adjusting the hardware circuit.
 Up to 96 event records can be uploaded or viewed locally, providing a powerful basis for fault diagnosis and accident analysis.
 The function of “self-start after power failure” can be realised according to the set parameters after short-term power failure or power switching of the main circuit;
 It has perfect self-test capability, including memory, outlet, communication port, etc., and it can automatically warn of abnormalities found in the device.
 Equipped with protection logic and control logic programmable function.
 Adopts frequency tracking technology to accurately sample the inverter AC circuit.
 Powerful transmitter: built-in 4-20mA analogue output, selectable from a wide range of electrical quantities (current, voltage, power, electrical energy) and adjustable range.
The range is adjustable.
KC800 Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device


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