electrical contact wireless temperature measurement device

Main technical indicators 1、Operating environment Temperature: -20℃~+60℃ Humidity: ≤95%RH Altitude: ≤3000m Working power supply: AC220V (±10%), frequency 50/60Hz Dielectric strength: ≥AV3000V Insulation performance: ≥100MQ Power consumption: ≤8W Anti-static interference: 4000V Anti-electromagnetic interference performance: in line with IEC255-22 standard regulations

KC700 electrical contact wireless temperature measurement device is specially designed for real-time monitoring of the operating temperature of the high-voltage charged body, the system adopts the cutting-edge wireless technology design (unique wireless coding technology, strong anti-interference, transmission distance), the first domestic development, to achieve the temperature of the high-voltage charged body long-distance telemetry. The product has good sealing performance and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. The system has the advantages of low power consumption, equipotential measurement, wireless data transmission, high precision, fast response speed, flexible operation and convenient network formation.

First, KC700 electrical contact wireless temperature measurement device technical characteristics and advantages

1、Transmit using 433.92MHZ frequency, working in the free frequency band;
2. Digital temperature sensor, accurate precision and wide measuring range;
3. Using built-in antenna, small size;
4. Very low sensor power consumption (≤ 10mW), battery life: > 5 years;
5. Up to 65535 wireless sensor addressing:
6.Sensor automatic identification, no wires, easy to install;
7, temperature measurement signal data transmission mode: wireless transmission, long transmission distance (open area transmission distance of 200 metres), strong penetration performance; (traditional)

Short transmission distance and poor penetration performance in infrared and 2.4G communication bands (V=λ*f)).
8. The product has wireless anti-collision function and high reception sensitivity;
9. The main device adopts colour screen display, the man-machine interface is very friendly, from the visual to give you a non-general feeling (background pictures, environmental temperature and humidity)
and electrical contact current actual temperature value display); parameters can be set according to customer demand, real-time monitoring of the current temperature value of the electrical contact, the
Provide early warning, alarm two output protection node, in addition to providing environmental temperature and humidity load output node:
10, the launch module product materials with high insulation performance, high temperature resistance, the main equipment using flame retardant shell, flame retardant circuit boards, sensors using shielding, high temperature wires.
The sensor adopts shielded, high temperature wire;
11, the transmitter module low power consumption (static <5uA, launch a <6mA), the site conditions are different sending frequency is not the same, such as temperature stabilisation after the sending rate is basically 90 seconds.
rate is basically 90 seconds, special user time length can be set according to customer requirements:


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