intelligent dehumidification device

Intelligent dehumidifier device for switchgear cabinet eliminates or reduces the occurrence of accidents fundamentally by reducing the water content in the air, decreasing the full relative temperature and absolute humidity at the same time, hardly raising the temperature, and not generating the negative impacts brought by the temperature difference. Dehumidifier by excluding the temperature to prevent the formation of condensation in the cabinet, effectively preventing the cabinet equipment aging, insulation strength reduction, secondary terminal breakdown, material mould and steel structural components corrosion and other security risks, to ensure the safe operation of the power grid.

Product features:

★ High humidity gas entering the dehumidifier is discharged out of the cabinet after condensation with thermoelectric semiconductor, high dehumidification efficiency.

★ Strong dehumidification capacity, 60W power consumption can ensure that the humidity inside the 4m³ switchgear cabinet is maintained below 60% RH.

★ Non-heating source, can protect the equipment inside the switchgear cabinet. Traditional switchgear dehumidification equipment is mostly heaters, although there is a certain dehumidification effect, but the long-term use of the switchgear may be too high a temperature caused by equipment damage.

★ Semiconductor dehumidifier can directly reduce the unit volume of water content, can effectively prevent the generation of condensation; heater dehumidification is only a way to reduce the relative humidity and did not reduce the unit volume of water content in the air, so once to meet the conditions of the temperature difference will still produce condensation.

★ Automatic control according to the temperature and humidity conditions, can effectively reduce energy consumption.

★ Automatic stop dehumidification when the drip tank is blocked, alarm contact output when dehumidification function fails.

★ Test function, can test the equipment function is normal, also can be used as forced dehumidification function.


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