series power grid operating equipment insulation online monitoring device

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KCIM series of grid operation equipment insulation online monitoring device using real-time online monitoring, compared with the traditional preventive maintenance has the following characteristics and advantages: (1) real-time, high and low voltage equipment online monitoring technology is not subject to the limitations of the equipment operating conditions and time, you can always be real-time monitoring of the insulation status of the equipment, once the equipment defects can be found in a timely manner and follow up on the human treatment; and regular preventive Test can only detect a certain time equipment insulation state, does not have real-time, can not determine when the equipment insulation defects, can not assess the development of insulation defects.
(2) Accuracy, due to KCIM online monitoring device is equipment running under the state of insulation parameter monitoring, its detection results are more in line with the actual working conditions, more accurate and comprehensive; and regular preventive test, the equipment voltage is generally lower than the equipment operating voltage, so regular preventive test can not accurately detect the defects of the equipment under the operating voltage.
(3) Targeted, KCIM online monitoring device can be based on insulation defects when the development and changes to determine the maintenance project, content and maintenance time.
(4)Comprehensive, KCIM online monitoring device can measure the insulation state of capacitive equipment in the charged state, for non-capacitive equipment can be measured for the leakage current, KCIM online monitoring device can accurately measure the measured equipment capacity and dielectric loss tangent value and flow through the full current of the equipment and the system’s operating voltage.
(5)Timeliness, after adopting KCIM online monitoring device, it can discover the hidden danger of accidents in time, quickly find out the fault point, shorten the scope and time of accident treatment, thus improving the work efficiency of maintenance personnel, reducing the waste of people, money and materials formed by finding the fault point, and achieving the purpose of increasing the economic benefits of the enterprise.
(6) advanced, the current fault rate of the power supply and distribution system, especially overhead lines more than 90% is a single-phase ground fault, triggered by a single-phase grounding phase-to-phase short-circuit accidents occur frequently, so if you do not solve the single-phase ground fault, is bound to greatly reduce the reliability of power supply, safety, and will give the enterprise’s safety and production has brought great danger, in recent years, along with the rapid development of automation technology in the power distribution network, the grounding of the fault lines In recent years, with the rapid development of distribution network automation technology, ground fault line fast, accurate determination has become the scene of the urgent need to solve the problem, KCIM online monitoring device can solve such a problem.


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