Enhancing Motor Safety: The Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device

In the realm of industrial machinery, the Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device emerges as a critical component, designed to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of motors in various applications. This advanced device comes equipped with a range of technical parameters that underscore its capability to safeguard motors, optimize performance, and contribute to overall operational efficiency.

Motor Rated Working Voltage: The Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device is engineered to support motors with rated working voltages of AC380V and AC660V. This versatility makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial settings, where different voltage requirements may be encountered.

Control Power Supply: With a control power supply of 220VAC and 50Hz, the device efficiently manages the motor’s operation with a power consumption of 15VA/15W. This ensures a stable and reliable power source for the device’s control functions.

Rated Current and Frequency: The device accommodates a wide range of motor currents, ranging from 0.5A to 800A, making it adaptable to diverse motor sizes and capacities. The rated working frequency of 50Hz aligns with standard industrial power systems, ensuring compatibility with various applications.

Insulation Resistance: Ensuring electrical integrity, the Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device boasts a high insulation resistance of 100MQ at 500V. This robust insulation capability contributes to the safety and reliability of the overall motor control system.

Protection Level: The device is designed with a focus on protection, featuring an IP20 protection level for the controller body and an IP45 protection level for the display module. This safeguards the device from dust and ensures its resilience in industrial environments.

Power Supply Voltage and Frequency Range: Operating on a power supply voltage of AC/DC85-265V and a frequency range from 38Hz to 70Hz, the device exhibits adaptability to varying power sources and frequencies, providing flexibility for implementation in diverse operational contexts.

Power Consumption: The Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device is engineered for energy efficiency, with power consumption limited to ≤1.5W during normal operation and ≤2.0W during protection start-up. This not only ensures optimal energy utilization but also aligns with modern sustainability practices.

In conclusion, the Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device stands as a testament to technological advancement in motor control and safety. Its comprehensive technical parameters reflect a commitment to reliability, adaptability, and efficiency, making it an indispensable asset in industrial setups where motor performance and protection are paramount. As industries continue to evolve, this device plays a pivotal role in promoting the longevity and effectiveness of motors across various applications.

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